Prayer Changes… You

It has been a few months since I last posted.  God has been busy, but then, so has the devil. I have had challenges, not spiritually, but personally. People can be cruel and hurtful.  I trust God, my faith rests in him not in people.  There have been nights that lack sleep, but he is always there.  I know he is faithful, and, I know he walks with me every step.

I have woken up in the middle of the night, sometimes for a little while, sometimes a long time.  My mind goes on and on, it seems to race, there are loved ones on my heart, some I know well, some barely. It does’t matter how well I know them, because, they love and serve the same God I do. Cancer, the loss of spouse, more illnesses and disease, treatments that are life altering… for the patient and the family.  These issues all have been weighing heavy on people I care about.  I wake up, I pray, I wonder why am I so blessed and these friends have this to deal with.  I realize that and personal attacks are pointless and meaningless when there are real issues to pray about.  God has a way of putting things into perspective.

I have seen God move in powerful and mighty ways through prayer.  Today a couple of photos were posted.  They were of school kids, maybe high school, they were praying. Heads leaning down on desks, kids standing holding hands in a circle, their number are growing in a mighty way.  Prayer; prayer for another life affected by cancer.  So many #prayingforamiracle. There are miracles every day; the miracle of God’s mercy and amazing grace, the miracle of his loving me when I had no regard for him, the miracle of family united in the bond of love, God’s love. #miracleoflife #miracleoflove #praying

Prayer, it doesn’t change God, it dosen’t change his mind or plan.  It does change people.  It moves hearts toward gentleness and compassion.  It moves hearts toward love, his love. It changes lives, it changes hearts, it moves people in his direction.

PRAYER > Purpose, Rely on God, Always trust, You are loved, Effectually pray, Respond to His love for you  >  Prayer changes you!

I pray, Lord may you be at the center of hearts in this world. Lord, may the miracle of your grace touch those who need to feel your presence in their lives.  Thank you Lord for being who you are, for loving, for grace, for forgiveness.  May your grace abound in my life.  May your children, who are called by your name, grow deeper in their relationships with you, through their joys and through their struggles.  Touch their hearts Lord.  Thank you Lord that we can come to you in prayer, that though we may not understand, you are always there carrying us.  Amen

O Praise The One





Recipe for Joy


Summer has finally arrived.  Isn’t it funny how we complain about the cold and snow for so long throughout the winter, but, when the heat and humidity of summer hits us. we complain about that too.  I know that I am guilty of that; yet in the summer I can escape by finding the coolness of air conditioning.  Yet, even if I need a light sweater, I can enjoy the coolness.  When winter snow arrives, I have no choice but to go out in it, shovel, drive, trudge through slushy, sloppy parking lots.  For sure, there is no escaping it!  I would certainly choose the beauty of summer, the green grass, the colorful flowers and being able bask in the sunshine.  Yes, I love it!

If stress and tension are filling my life, I have choices in how to deal with those things too.  Jesus left us with these words…

These things I have spoken to you,

that my joy may be in you,

and that your joy may be full…John 15:11

As a Christian, I have him in me, his joy is in me ~ regardless of  my outward circumstances and what is going on in my life!   Prior to these words, Jesus also told us to abide in his love.   If I am going to stand by, or act in accordance with His love, I must embrace his love.  It is then when his joy will have a marked influence on my attitude and actions.  He, being in my heart, will rule not my circumstances.  Joy is within!  My choice is whether or not I will live in that joy or live in my stress.

If you feel like your being pulled in too many directions, maybe it is time to unclutter your mind and your heart.  soak in his love, soak his words to your life.  As you do that, consider your blessings, consider what he has done for you out of love.  Lift up the name of the Lord in worship and with deep gratitude for who he is and what he has done in your life.  The stresses and tension you were feeling can be flooded over with his love.  Take time to slow down this summer and besides basking in the sun, bask in the Son!

I hope you enjoy this song by Gwen Smith.  Take time to reflect on it and consider the words as you consider how you can bask in the son more this summer.