Pondering the Psalms

It is the time of year we are all busy in our preparations for Christmas.  Shopping to be done, decorating to be finished, cookies to be baked… yes busy, busy, busy!

Oh, but in our reading through the bible we are in Psalms this month.  I am seeing David, a servant of God.  Imperfect, like all of us and so many before him.  But, he gives his praise and worship to God.  God is the creator of the universe, he is seated high in the heavens.  David talks of humility and being righteousness, the fact that we are crowned with glory and honor.  He talks of the pride of the wicked but finishes off Psalm 10 with this reminder…”The Lord is king forever and ever

Pondering the Psalms…at Christmas.  Most would choose to read about the prophesies or the life of Christ.  We celebrate the birth this month, the birth of the King of Kings, the Lord who is king forever and ever.  No matter what we see happening in this world we live in, Jesus came here in complete and utter humility.  A baby is completely dependent for life.  Dependent on the love and nurturing for nourishment, protection, provision. Jesus showed us what humility is.

We are to be humble before God.  Let us not get lost in all the glitter and glitz of the season.  Let us not forget that the reason we celebrate is because God loved us so much he sent his son to suffer and die in our place so we might have a relationship with God the Father.  What a savior we celebrate!  Grace ~ the gift sent from above into a stable so many years ago, born that we might have life!


An Act of Love!

May 4 is Compassion Sunday.   Compassion International will be highlighted in churches throughout the world.  What a joy and an act of love it is to sponsor a child.  We have sponsored up to 5 at any one time, however we have sponsored more through the years.  What a privilege and blessing to be a part of the life of a child in need.

We watched a boy who we sponsored for about 12 years outgrow the program as he turned 18.  His name was Runner.  It was sad for us to lose him, but, we pray as we touched his childhood, we also will have an affect his adult life.

Jesus told us that as you have done to the least of these, you do it to me.  When you sponsor a child, you are doing it in the name of Jesus and you are bringing the joy of the Lord into his life.  There is a child somewhere in the world waiting for you to be there for him or her.

Focus on Grace, because of the grace of God, you have a hope for a future.  Because of your grace, a child with little can be given that same hope, as well as having their physical needs taken care of.  You can be the love of Jesus to that child.

If your church is taking part of Compassion Sunday, prepare your heart in advance through prayer.  If your church is not, take time to visit Compassion International’s website and see how, or more specifically who, you can help.  You can choose boy or girl, you can choose what part of the world you have a heart for, you can also look for children with critical needs or give a one time gift for a special need.  What ever you do, in word or deed, do it for Jesus.