“GAZE AT ME; GLANCE AT PROBLEMS—THIS IS the secret of living victoriously.   Your tendency is to gaze at problems for prolonged periods of time, glancing at Me for help… I have called you to live supernaturally, and I have empowered you to do so…  Invite Him (the Holy Spirit) to alert you whenever you get overly focused on problems so you can redirect your attention to Me.”  From the daily devotional by Sarah Young, Jesus Today: Experience Hope Through His Presence.

This little devotional is speaking to me this year.   I am currently working through several different studies and reading plans,  one of them being the Proverbs 31 Online Bible Study Made to Crave.  Last week the word was #EMPOWERED, this week’s is #DETERMINATION.   I have found one short devotion confirming both to me. Choosing a healthy lifestyle with healthy food choices, choosing to crave God instead of food;  how perfectly this ties it together!

In the Made to Crave study, we were encouraged to use a craving as a prompt to pray.  In doing that I achieve VICTORY!   Rather than letting a craving control me, my thoughts will go to prayer, therefore setting my sights to gaze on Jesus.

Gaze at Jesus, not just glance, but gaze.  Wow!  Think of driving up the top of a mountain, seeing a rest stop and pulling over to admire the view, or looking over another amazing part of creation, such as the Grande Canyon or Niagara Falls.  That is gazing, with wonder and amazement, looking out and wondering how anyone could not believe in a creator at such a sight.   I am sure you know the feeling.

Gaze at Jesus, how much love he had for us to walk the road he walked.  The pain he suffered, the death he died, he died so you and I could live free! He claimed victory when he rose to live again.

I know that we can live victoriously through Christ as we allow him to lead and direct us.  Our thoughts and our actions, day-to-day, are directed by him.  We make a choice in allowing his direction to guide us or not. Determination is, or is not, in the choices we make.  I am determined this year to focus on my Savior and doing what is pleasing to him.

~Day- to-day, in every way, choose to let Jesus lead~

~Set your gaze on him~