Prayer Changes… You

It has been a few months since I last posted.  God has been busy, but then, so has the devil. I have had challenges, not spiritually, but personally. People can be cruel and hurtful.  I trust God, my faith rests in him not in people.  There have been nights that lack sleep, but he is always there.  I know he is faithful, and, I know he walks with me every step.

I have woken up in the middle of the night, sometimes for a little while, sometimes a long time.  My mind goes on and on, it seems to race, there are loved ones on my heart, some I know well, some barely. It does’t matter how well I know them, because, they love and serve the same God I do. Cancer, the loss of spouse, more illnesses and disease, treatments that are life altering… for the patient and the family.  These issues all have been weighing heavy on people I care about.  I wake up, I pray, I wonder why am I so blessed and these friends have this to deal with.  I realize that and personal attacks are pointless and meaningless when there are real issues to pray about.  God has a way of putting things into perspective.

I have seen God move in powerful and mighty ways through prayer.  Today a couple of photos were posted.  They were of school kids, maybe high school, they were praying. Heads leaning down on desks, kids standing holding hands in a circle, their number are growing in a mighty way.  Prayer; prayer for another life affected by cancer.  So many #prayingforamiracle. There are miracles every day; the miracle of God’s mercy and amazing grace, the miracle of his loving me when I had no regard for him, the miracle of family united in the bond of love, God’s love. #miracleoflife #miracleoflove #praying

Prayer, it doesn’t change God, it dosen’t change his mind or plan.  It does change people.  It moves hearts toward gentleness and compassion.  It moves hearts toward love, his love. It changes lives, it changes hearts, it moves people in his direction.

PRAYER > Purpose, Rely on God, Always trust, You are loved, Effectually pray, Respond to His love for you  >  Prayer changes you!

I pray, Lord may you be at the center of hearts in this world. Lord, may the miracle of your grace touch those who need to feel your presence in their lives.  Thank you Lord for being who you are, for loving, for grace, for forgiveness.  May your grace abound in my life.  May your children, who are called by your name, grow deeper in their relationships with you, through their joys and through their struggles.  Touch their hearts Lord.  Thank you Lord that we can come to you in prayer, that though we may not understand, you are always there carrying us.  Amen

O Praise The One





Rich History of the Past

If you have not figured this out yet, I do keep telling myself I want to be more consistent with posting, but it hasn’t worked.  Winter in the northeast has not been kind during this past month and they are telling us we can expect another storm this weekend.  So be it, if it does come, it will be good to stay in and do some reading!

The reading plan I have been going through with Good Morning Girls has had us in Exodus.  I am a bit behind because I keep going back to what I thought I finished.  There is such rich history, and I have been in God’s instructions to Moses after leaving Egypt.
The Tabernacle, I used this picture on Sunday. It was my turn for Communion meditation. I used this song by Kutless to set the focus… 
The hight priest was only allowed to enter the holy of holies one day a year. He was the only one allowed that one day, and it gave him a time of exclusive fellowship.  He entered into a place filled with all of the glory of God, bringing a blood offering for the sins of the people. The thing is, what he did had to be done over and over, every year. The offering of blood covered over the sins of the Israelites, but was never enough!
The Holy of Holies contained the Ark of the Covenant; inside the Ark were items representing sins of the people. Things to remind them of their need for forgiveness, their ugliness, their rebellion against God.  God didn’t stop there though, his instructions continued that the ark be covered with pure refined gold, lovely and perfect.  This covering was called the mercy seat or the atonement covering.  So,while the interior represented the sinfulness of man, the covering represented a place of forgiveness, mercy and redemption.  The ugly sin inside the Ark is not what the priest saw when he entered, he saw the pure and lovely, beautiful gold.

Jesus blood covers us with mercy and grace.  When we come into the presence of God, he sees not the ugly inside of our hearts or the rebellious attitudes we hold on to. He sees us pure, and clean, and lovely, covered with the blood of Jesus.  The Ark of the covenant, a beautiful picture in history showing what would be to come, showing Jesus the Messiah, the one who would free the people of their sins once and for all.  Jesus frees, the law condemns.  There is now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus!

What a plan God had for us! You can read in Exodus 26 the detail God laid out for the tabernacle, even detail in the curtains alone separating the ark from the priest. This was all done so that on that one day he could rip the veil in two, eliminating the separation, giving us direct access to him… not on one day a year, not one day a week, not only when we meet around his table, but every day and any time we choose. What a joy to be able to call God my Father… to be able to call out Abba, Father (Daddy, Daddy!).

In the Old Testament here is so much to treasure! I love seeing reflections of the New in the Old, this is rich! We are richly blessed indeed!

Thank you Lord for providing this path for us to choose. Thank you for setting up everything so precisely. Thank you for your grace and mercy over me. Thank you for not seeing the ugly in me but for seeing me pure and refined through Jesus. As we are entering the season that we celebrate the victory he has over satan, we remember the suffering and pain Lord Jesus that you experienced because of how much love for me you have. May I live a life worthy!

Additional reading :

  • Exodus 24 – 27
  • Hebrews 9-10

If you enjoy meditating on music, this version of Take Me in is a long version, but worth it! 

My One Word

Proverbs 4:25 ESV “Let your eyes look directly forward, and your gaze be straight before you.”

Focus on the new!

Focus on the new!

I never was one for making New Year Resolutions, I prefer to call them goals, which, by the way, can really be set anytime…so who needs a resolution anyway?  Last year I did something new for the year,  I chose a word to be my theme. It was Intentional and I might add that it was good.

This year I chose focus. What would you focus on if that were your word for the year?  I want to focus on the wonderful  gift God has given me through grace!

Because of that gift, God deserves my best. He deserves the first of my day, the first of my wealth, and he certainly deserves his temple to have the best.  I have my reading plan set, and my journal begun.

This year I will focus on planting his word in my heart, putting real food into my body and being active as I was created to be.  I will live a focused lifestyle.  Because of His grace I can do all things.

Yes, I believe that in 2014 I will glean (and do) just what I need to make it sheen! 

I pray you to have a successful New Year at whatever level you choose to make it!