Stand Firm!  These two words often come into my mind, they are used      throughout scripture in different places.

I normally choose a word for the year.  I have been feeling led to make my one word for 2017 joy.  I have joy; it is not dependent of my circumstances, it is mine because I have Christ in me.  It is a great word.  Yesterday I was introduced to the thought of choosing a phrase; then, it may be “choose joy “or “focus on joy”.  I naturally go to James, Consider it great joy when you encounter various trials… Joy would come as character is being developed, but as you go through the trial, you would have to choose, or focus on joy instead of current circumstances.

Following events in my life lately, I am not sure if joy is what I need to focus on, as nice and comfortable as it may sound.  I do need to find it sometimes as it seems to be hiding, but I am not sure if it needs to be my focus for the new year. The phrase Stand firm, words used in a study I recently completed on the Armor of God, might speak to me now.  I am certain that the devil was not happy about that study as here are a number of ladies in my church now focusing on watching for his schemes and attacks —> BAM, in he waltzes!

Standing firm may not always be easy, but God has directed us to stand firm.  We are to let our yes be yes and our no be no.  We are to stand for the truth of his word and not “dance with the devil” (not biblical words, but I think you know what  I mean).  We need to be on gurard, always.

When Jesus saw defiance at the temple, he showed he would not stand for it.  Sometimes when we stand firm against the schemes of the devil, others may not look at it as you do.  That is when you need to STAND FIRM.  The devil is not soft sweet (except when he is trying to lure in his prey), we need to be on guard, to be watchful, to stand firm against him and not be swayed into the grips of the devil.

A few weeks ago my post included Wisdom’s Gentleness.  Sometimes though, gentleness has been used up and we need to stand our ground firmly and boldly.  I try to follow the example of Christ, when he saw the money changers using his temple for their own cause, he was bold and fierce.  He was not comprimizing.  We may not need to throw over tables, but we may need to move against what others would like and we may even feel judgement.

God is my judge, he can make beauty out of ashes when we stand with him, armored for battle, doing it all in love.  Love for one another, love for God and love for his truth.

So, what have I decided on for 2017?

A word or a phrase?  What will it be?

I don’t have to decide now, all I have to decide is to “Put on all of God’s armor so that I will be able to stand firm against all strategies of the devil.”



Wisdom’s Gentleness

In the book of Hebrews, we are told that God’s word is alive and active…that it is.  Two weeks ago I read the book of James, then yesterday I read again and it spoke differently to me. How is that?  I suppose that is the alive and active part grows, adapts and changes to what we need at any given time in our life.  The Holy Spirit guides us as we dig into the word.

When we are humble, and seeking for what the Lord has for us to grow, the word of God will speak, we need only listen for him.  Be still, and know.  How many times have I read about the tongue, a horse, steering of a ship and fire in James 3?  I taught on it.  Yet it still has a new lesson for me.  A lesson on humility, a lesson on wisdom and a lesson on gentleness.  If you have not read James in a while, go and read it.  It is not a long book.

What words spoke to me differently this time than in the past? Verse 13 “Who is wise and understanding among you?  He should show his works by good conduct with wisdom’s gentleness.” (HCSB)

As I praise and worship my Father with my mouth, I pray not to be cursing my brother or sister with the same.  I pray my actions and my words show wisdom’s gentleness as I go about my life.  May my worship and praise to the King be reflected in my life and in my actions.

Perhaps since our ladies group this year is seeking to “Gain a Heart of Wisdom” those words just jumped out at me. Earlier this summer, I looked up all sorts of verses on wisdom.  There are many!  This verse was not on my list. Perhaps is was timely, wisdom’s gentleness, I planted that seed in my head, wisdom’s gentleness.  I want my speech to be seasoned with gentleness.  I kept reading those words, and I believe they took root when I needed them to act.  Living and active, God’s word ~ Yes, it is!

I have been contemplating my word for 2017, I thought it would be joy, but now I am thinking it may be gentleness.  The Holy Spirit is always working on my heart, for that I am thankful.  God is so good, don’t you think?  His grace and gentleness abounds.


I pray you bask in his grace and gentleness as you enter into this holiday season.  

As you look at Christmas, look at it simply, look at it as it is; a wonderful gift of love to you from a gracious Father.  fullsizeoutput_718